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The mission of Sherwood Youth Lacrosse is to promote a positive athletic learning experience for the student/athlete participants in the program. Our most sincere desire is to maintain a motivating environment that encourages the development of good sportsmanship, character, leadership and responsibility.

2022-23 Open Board Positions

Attention lacrosse fans and parents!  We need your help to keep our club running next season.  We have a few key open positions that need to be filled this summer.  No board or lacrosse experience necassary.  If you would be interested in learning more about a specific position please email

President- The President shall preside over all business meetings of the Executive Board. They shall be an ex-officio member of all committees and shall represent the Club as necessary. The President shall have the authority to sign checks or make payments in the absence of the Treasurer. They will serve as liaison and club representative to all affiliated lacrosse entities, Sherwood High School, and other entities. Responsibilities will include long-range planning. Shall keep a record of all Executive Board and Club meetings and distribute all meeting minutes.  They shall develop a schedule for club meetings, find appropriate meeting locations, and advertise general meetings of the club to all members in good standing.

Equipment Manager- They will be responsible for procurement, disbursement and management of team equipment, scorers’ table equipment, medical kits and other equipment necessary for successful practices and games. The equipment manager will also be responsible for maintaining an itemized list of club assets, conducting an annual inventory, and reporting the annual inventory to the Executive Board with recommendations for replacing or updating Club assets, or disposing of club assets, at least 30 days prior to the beginning of the fiscal year. This position will be responsible for procurement, disbursement and management of all rental equipment.

Girls Youth Commissioner- Responsible for player development and carries the Head coach philosophy to the youth team coaches. Recruits and selects girls’ coaches in coordination with the Executive Board. They will be responsible for all girls’ teams. He or she will be responsible for helping and or holding coaching clinics and coordinating any player clinics. Responsible for ensuring completion of all girls’ coaches’ training. Responsible for working with the girls high school coaches to develop a strategic vision for the girls’ program. Responsible for coordinating and running the annual girls’ winter clinic fundraiser. Responsible for scheduling games for the girl’s program. The Girl’s Commissioner may appoint assistant girl’s commissioners to help fulfill the substantial duties this position entails.

Field Manager- Works directly with the city and school officials in getting fields allocated to SYL for use during each programs season. Works with all outside clubs and organizations for game scheduling. Works with equipment manager to ensure fields are marked correctly and are ready for use. Assists the Boy’s and Girl’s commissioners in developing practice and game schedules.

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