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Lacrosse Sticks!
by Kristin Young on 3/15/2021


Lacrosse Complete Sticks/Heads/Shaft.  All are in good condition and completes retail between $200 and $250 new.  Each were only used for approximately 1 season.

Pricing from Left to Right:

Brine RP3 (Traditional Strung) on a Stringking Metal 2-165 shaft - $45

Warrior NOZ 2 on a Rabil 99 shaft (silver) - $40 (SOLD)

Brine RP3 2 on a Rabil 99 sharft (black) - $50 (SOLD)

Stringking Mark 1 on a warrior warp shaft - $35 (SOLD)

ECD Rebel O on a ECD Carbon Shaft (white) - $55 (SOLD)

Maverik Centrik U on a Maverik Mission Blank shaft (grey) - $40 (SOLD)

Maverik Kinetik on a Maverik Apollo shaft (black) - $50 (SOLD)

Warrior EVO shaft (grey) - $20

Powell Pioneer Head - $15

Warrior Swarm - $10


We can retape at no cost or restring for $15 with mesh/string you provide. Please reach out to Kristin at 503.679.1832 or Josh at 503.812.7825. 


Training Sessions!
by Josh Young on 3/9/2021

Hi my name is Josh Young and I'm at junior at SHS.  Over the last couple of years I've been training a few kids in the Sherwood area as they need to work on specific skills.  I've had one player training with me for a year now.

I've been playing for Sherwood since 3rd grade and am in my 9th year of playing.  I started playing club and traveling in 4th grade and have played year round since then.  I volunteer to help SYL whenever possible and have helped out at the youth clinics and honoring the game for the past several years.  I also ref during regular season.

If you are a new player looking for assistance in learning the game or a skilled player hoping to learn some tips and refine some skills, I can help.  When we train we can work on a number of things including wall ball routines, shooting and dodging.  I only train for offense as that's my speciality.


Rates are $20 for an hour session and $35 for two hours.  I can meet with you a couple of times or set up a regular schedule to get you ready for season and continue during season.  Reach out at 503.812.7825 if you're interested.


If you need to get in contact with my parents you can call 503.679.1832 and talk to my mom Kristin.



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