Sherwood Youth Lacrosse

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In 2015, Sherwood Youth Lacrosse endeavored to emulate the high school lacrosse program, by establishing a Sherwood Lacrosse Culture.  It consists of a number of generalized principals that we want our coaches to teach and impart to the players on their respective teams. Our goal is the development of our lacrosse-playing youth, not the win-loss record of our coaches.

The main themes that we want our kids to learn are:


E - A - T

  • Effort - Don't get caught up in the result, reward the effort.  Strive to have a team that gives 100% effort . . . everday, in every practice, every drill,  every game, every play.  Does your team give the same effort wether they're up 5 goals or down 5 goals? 

  • Attitude - both on and off the field.  Your players need to understand they represent the name on both the front and the back of their jersey.  Do they represent themselves, their family and their community with respect?  Do they honor the game with respect?  Respect for the rules, for their opponent, for the officials?

  • Teamwork -  Celebrate the assist more than the goal.  Encourage that "one more" pass.  Don't just teach your players plays, teach them how to play . . . teach them how to play for each other (give and go, pick and roll, etc.).  What is your sideline like?  Is it loud?  Are the players cheering for each other?  Do they celebrate other kids' successes?  If you celebrate great teamwork the kids will too.   


Players need to be free to explore the game.  The younger they are the less set they should be on their position.  Push them out of their comfort zone, ecourage players to play every position.

SYL does not promise players equal playing time.  We offer earned playing time.  Playing time earned by their effort, attitude and teamwork, not based on their skill and ability.  

No coach has ever lost their job in SYL due to their win-loss record.  You are judged not by wins, but by the number of kids you get to return to play next year.   

Finally, remember this is Rec lacrosse, HAVE FUN!!!  There is no secret technique or drill we can do to get these kids to the next level (whatever that may be for each kid).  If you think you have the next superstar on your team the best thing you can do for them is to instill a love for the game.  That's the only thing you can teach them that will take them far . . . and that we can help them with.